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I'm a natural born animal communicator / pet psychic. Animals in distress started communicating with me since I was a little girl of 10years old. To develop my skills further I also completed several animal communication courses and I am now a qualified professional animal communicator. I have loved animals all my life and have dedicated my life to helping animals and people. I am a Christian by faith and believe that God loves His animals just as much as He loves us. Antjie Canning-Rogers


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Dog found 2019

Hi thank you for the reading found the dog about an hour there after. Your reading was very accurate. Thank you and bless you.

Mike Flannery

Pet Tortoise found 2019

Antjie has helped us a lot in our search for Doppies my mothers tortoise. If it wasn’t for her we will still be searching for him in the people’s yards and moeti shops.

We were devastated. He is 8 years old and my mother love him so much he is like a child in her home. We thought he was stolen and ask Antjie for help.

She said he was not stolen and were in the field.

My mother went and search for him every day and after 8 months she has found him. Antjie stood by us and helped us to find him. She also helped us with her pendulem to track him on a map.

Then my mother knew more which areas to search cause it was n very big area. She motivated us and gave us hope that we will find him and we did. By communicating with him she could tell us the visions of what she saw and what he was feeling. It is really gift.

We thank God for making her apart of our life cause she was send on our path.

Thank you Antjie

Cat found - April 2018

Thank you - I found him. You are incredible! I found him hiding in a sand coloured house with white trim, that had a large over grown creeper- two trees, one darker than the other and the walls were so high!!!! And the front door and garage was BROWN. Also the house faced a block of flats that has archway balcony windows!!!!
I am speechless. And so thankful. Your help changed how we looked for him!
Thank youuuuuuu ������������
Jody and Mat xxx

Dog found - 2015
This past weekend (August 2015) we went away for a weekend getaway for my partners birthday. We decided the Magaliesburg was within easy driving distance and there was a beautiful pet friendly cottage on the lake available. Friday night went well, although, of the 4 Boston Terriers, the one boy (Tyson) was a bit skittish due to the unfamiliar territory, smells and sounds.

 On Saturday, we drove down the road to buy wood for the fire that night, and upon our return we noticed immediately that Tyson was missing. Being 15h30 we only had 2 hours of light left and we search endlessly for him in the farmlands (surrounded by mountains). By 8pm something prompted me to just try call a Pet Communicator.

Sunday morning came and Tyson had not returned, we were panicked but I tried to remain positive in a dire looking situation. Antjie returned my calls Sunday morning and I said to her that the chances are that we would find this boy is very slim as it was literally like finding a needle in a haystack and the feedback from the whole community was that this boy will not be found.

Antjie did a reading at 11h30 am and her feedback indicated a few specific details but given the terrain and how large the area was, it was hard to pin point exactly which spot she was referring to. After trying endless options and various leads. I went to where I kept being drawn to, where I had a gut feeling of what Antjie meant (farmer next door said there was no way it would be there).

 I sat quietly at the bottom of the mountain and just got a sense to walk up the mountain a bit. I sat watching the sun set and thought of Tyson being missing for 26 hours and I kept him in my minds eye.

I messaged Antjie with pictures and asked her to reconnect with Tyson and tell him I am waiting for him. As I started to make my way down the mountain after about 15 minutes, I immediately stopped in my tracks, turned 60 degrees as if something called my name, and there Tyson sat on a rock watching, waiting for me to come get him… Antjie called me while I was still on the mountain only to scream on the phone that WE FOUND HIM.

Every detail Antjie had given was 100% accurate, even the small clues about preserve/jam bottles which he saw at the last farm up the mountain.

 I was sceptical at first but didn’t have any other options so I went with it, this was an incredibly special spiritual moment for me and will eternally be grateful for Antjie and her assistance.

I am now 100% a believer of the message I got on that mountain this weekend when that boy licked my face.


 Thank you Antjie – may you be Blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

 Nicole and Ryan


So many miraculous experiences with the work of Antjie

 Our involvement with Antjie started when my daughter lost her dog Suri in a village in Romania. After 4 days of active searching for Suri, newspapers, radios and door-to-door knockings – I decided to search on the Internet for cases on how other people have found lost dogs.

I found Antjie’s site, called her and told her about our desperate state. By this time my daughter had cancelled her trip back to SA in order to find Suri. Antjie told me to give her an hour. When she called back she told me everything about Suri – things only we knew. She even told me the pet name that my daughter calls Suri. She also told me where Suri was and that she was isolated from people therefore no one was responding to our efforts. She said that she asked Suri to make her way back to the village and told us that Suri will be found the next day. The next day Antjie called us and told us where to look in the village and what Suri’s movements were. It was not long before we got a call from a family to say the Suri wondered into their garden. Since Suri is a nervous dog when approached by people and my daughter was 20 minutes away – Antjie started speaking to Suri and asked to stay in the garden and wait for my daughter. Suri agreed – it was miraculous that she stayed in one spot for so long until my daughter arrived. Antjie also told us of Suri’s physical state while she was lost, scratches on her belly and face and a skin infection with no other physical harm. This was the exact condition we found Suri in.

I have left out a lot of little details along the way that was equally profound – for us it was the whole experience of the perfect connection, the accurate communication and the pure love and dedication that Antjie showed in being with us mentally to find Suri.

Antjie has also assisted us with our other dogs in particular when our one dog Jazz was ill for 2 weeks. She was not eating and I had taken her to the vet 4 times in that period. She was being treated with no improvement. Antjie did a body scan and communicated with Jazz. She told us that Jazz has a problem in the right side of her abdomen and that she is very nauseous. There extreme pain close to her liver. I then took Jazz for a scan and she had pancreatitis. Jazz was being treated for everything else except that. Antjie kept communicating with her especially as to what food she could eat – as I tried everything – including steak. She told Antjie she will try eating mashed chicken with pumpkin – it worked and with a week she was back in good health.

We always turn to Antjie when it comes to the well being of our animals and we have referred her to friends and family who also have equally successful stories to tell.

Thank you SO much Antjie – your work is truly a blessing in the highest order of life.



It was two years ago that I first met Antjie.   Little did I realise the important roll she would play in helping to heal DHRC's Horses and dogs. Her communication with & energy healing abilities on our animals is phenomenal!

She has talked to traumatised horses that we have been unable to work with for months, only to have them manageable within a day after she has been communicating with them.

Antjie has made life easier for the dogs, as well as myself, through communication with the animal to help me understand their past trauma & to deal with it, in the right manner.

Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre


Hi Antjie
I took Maya to the chiro yesterday and she confirmed what you said about the hip being out of alignment and pressing up against something. She also confirmed the pain in her front legs and we are coming up with a plan to deal with that once her back legs are sorted out. She has given me exercises to do with Maya to help get her hip back into proper alignment.
thanks again for you session with Maya, you’ve helped so much when i was feeling lost as what to do with her, at least we have some direction now.
take care!


Dear Antjie
Thanks to your communication with my horses I could give them so much more. Llandudno had major problems and I did not know what was wrong with him until you have said that he has heart problems.  I got the vet out and he confirmed that Llandudno has problems with his heart and thanks to you, you probably saved his life.

Marlese - South Africa


Romeo - His new owners are getting a new saddle for him. The treeless saddle might have been to big for him. He does not buck anymore. Thanks to you we could find out what caused the bucking and also why he was shaking his head.  It is also going better with him and Christiaan.
Marlese - South Africa

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for helping me with two Parson Jack Russsel Terriers. You were there for us when everything seemed hopeless. Thank You. What transpired in the months following the sessions with both girls was nothing short of an emotional journey, a journey of discovery, and then one of revelation, and all the while I was thinking of how I might have to rehome one of my girls, or even possible euthanasia if I could not find a suitable home for a pet on chronic medication, as they both are. Now, five months down the line everything you communicated with the girls has fallen into place, puzzles make sense, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Besides the side effects of medication causing aggression, you were able to pinpoint other factors which led up to the girls fighting. Certain things you reported back after the sessions no one else could possibly have known of.  You are truly a natural, a miracle and a gift from God.  With your help and guidance the girls are well on their way to rehabilitation and recovery. You have also taught us one important thing. Share the light, it does get brighter. Keep up the great work.
God bless
Brigitte, Misty and Isis Berg

Testimonial for Antjie
Antjie has a very strong connection to animals. Since a very 
young age she could communicate with animals and animals communicated with her.
I remember one specific case when she was about 10 years old. She was at boarding school, 60km from home. She phoned early morning to ask how one of our cats was and if I had seen the cat. She said the cat came to her in a dream and was crying out for help. I put her mind at ease and stated that the cat was alive and well. But I had not really seen the cat. During the day I did not give it much attention but when I still did not see the cat late that afternoon, I asked the farmworkers to help search for the cat. We found the cat with its front paw caught in a trap.

Antjie had a young filly that she raised and she could just walk into the veld where all the other horses were, and Glide would run up to her and will follow her where ever she went. She trained him and there was a special bond between the horse and Antjie. She moved to Gauteng after she finished with school. One morning she called and said that she does not feel happy about Glide….she had a dream of him with calling for help because his legs were broken and full of blood. She phoned me the morning and asked me where Glide is and unfortunately it was too late, During the night  Glide was scared by a truck and ran into a cattle grid. His front leg was broken  and he had to be put down. 
S.M.Jedidja. (mother of Antjie) - South Africa

Two more recent cases:

Last year Antjie moved to a cottage where a stray dog with to pups stayed in the veld. It was not long before Antjie started to communicate with the mother dog. They became good friends. The two puppies were so wild and feared human beings. Antjie won their trust and they came to eat out of her hand. The Animal Rescue Organization came to find homes for them.  Antjie could communicate with the mom before the birth and she got the number 11 when she asked her when she will have the pups and she was told by the dog that two pups will not make it. The mother gave birth on the 11th and two pups died shortly after birth.

We have a huge tortoise on our premises. I took Antjie to the tortoise because I detected that something was wrong. The tortoise told Antjie her name and that she was tremendously thirsty because she was left in a camp with no water for a very long time. She was given water and couldn't stop drinking for a while.

Antjie is doing animal communication and people have trust in her because she is most of the times spot on when she communicates with their animals. She is especially good with horses and dogs.

S.M.Jedidja. (mother of Antjie) - South Africa

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