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Animal Communication

 Communications are more accurate being done long distance as I need to go into a full deep meditation to be able to communicate.  What I need is a close up photo of the animal where I can see their eyes.


I am situated in the Western Cape, South Africa but can do communication long distance world wide.  It is not necessary to see the animal as this is energy work and is just as effective long distance than meeting the animal.

Body Scans

I am able to feel within myself where your animal has discomfort. I then normally also do a full communication to try to establish the cause and information on what will make the animal feel more comfortable.

Tracking missing or lost animals

Being lost is an emotional situation for the animal and its human companion, and can be for the communicator as well. It's not easy to deal with not knowing what has happened to your animal friend.  I know from personal experience how worried, scared and helpless a person feels about the safety of their animal companion.

Given the nature of these situations, no communicator can guarantee results.  The longer the animal is lost or missing, the more difficult it can be to find them, so time is of the essence in contacting a communicator for assistance

You will receive as much detailed information as they are able to provide. Be prepared that it can be a dead end street:  your animal friend may already be in a new home, in a shelter or pound, or have passed on.  They may, in rare cases, not wish to return home. They may not know where they are. Communicators often use a skill known as "remote viewing" to "see" where your pet is, but this is an art, not a science, so the information is subjective - meaning be open to expanding your thinking about how to use the information. Be prepared that the communication may be disappointing to you, as animals donít think in terms of street names, names of office buildings, etc., so a communicator may or may not be able to pinpoint a precise location where the animal can be found.

Session Prices:

1. First Session (Includes bodyscan)
R700 - RSA
$70   - US

2. Follow up session ( Valid for a period of 3 months after first session on the same animal)
R350 - RSA
$35   - US

Payments via EFT for RSA
Paypal Invoice for US and international. 

You do not have to be a Paypal client.
Easy access secure payment links from invoice.

Sessions are only scheduled upon proof of payment.

I am situated in the Western Cape, South Africa but can work   worldwide long distance communication.

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