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A psychic, intuitive, spiritual connection or telepathic communication

that can help to receive the animals feelings, thoughts, physical and

emotional state helping you to understand your animal companion better,

or to help solve behavior problems and help with health issues or to help

tracking lost animals.

An animal communicator works to deliver messages between you and

your animal friend to understand each other, work through behavioral

problems, relay messages between you, and perform a medical intuitive

health scan to find physical discomfort or pain to help you and your animal


​The communication begins with me going into a meditation to energetically

connect with the animal, establishing the animal’s identity and then

mentally “asking” questions to address your concern. I then do what

is called a “body scan” or “intuitive health scan” (to determine physical

well-being and uncover health problems), give the animal your messages,

and also receive messages for you from the animal to help resolve the problem or concern.


Sending and Receiving messages

When I perform an animal communication, I am working 
with energies. What I receive during the communication 
is an energetic message from the animal, which I interpret for you.

In performing an animal communication at your request, 
my intentions are always of a Higher Purpose. 
I am here to assist both you and your pet, with no judgment or opinion of the communication.

I am a born animal psychic and animals communicated 
to me since I was a child. As a child I did not exactly know how it was possible that I can have dreams or visions about animals in distress just to find out they have been in the exact situation at that specific time.  Doing further studies and courses in animal psychic communication helped me to understand how animals communicate to us and also to develop my skills   further to help more animals.


I can do a communication and body scan whilst being with your animal or on long distance by seeing a photo of them or have some hair or something personal of the animal to help me making a connection. 

I work with all pets SV600050and horses or farm animals, birds and wild life.​

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